Asoka Handagama's "Letter of Fire" under fire

Sri Lankan rights group fears ban on film about incest

The protest letter I sent in response:

It should be noted that Mike de Leon's Kisapmata (Blink of an Eye, 1981) dealt with incest and is regarded as one of the Philippines' greatest films.

The portrayal of incest in a work of art does not imply approval or endorsement of it. Mr. Asoka Handagama, who I met in New Delhi's 2001 Cinefan Film Festival and whose film This is My Moon I managed to see and love in Cinemanila, is a wonderful, humane man, and a true artist. He should be allowed to show his films, whole and unmarred.

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efpeejay said...

...<i>whom</i> I met...   Or is this too pedantic nowadays?

noelbotevera said...

Too pedantic. How about signing the protest?