Roman-style carbonara

From The Forum With No Name:

Did a  carbonara the way they do it in Rome (or as close to Rome as I'm going to get), which turns out to be as easy as falling off a log. Fry a cup of panchetta (which had soaked in water the night before, to leach out the saltiness) till crispy, set aside; boil the pasta (eight ounces only, or half a box--this is a heavy dish). While the pasta cooks, whisk four egg yolks with half a cup of heavy cream, add plenty of grinds of black pepper, gurgle maybe half a cup of white wine into the mix; a few minutes before it's done spoon half a cup of the boiling pasta water into the cream and egg, to temper the mixture. Put the panchetta back on low heat, drain the pasta and dump on top of the panchetta, pour in the egg and cream mix, toss immediately for one minute, then top with a cup of grated Pecorino cheese and chopped Italian parsley.

Not too bad. Can't eat too much of this, or my arteries'll clog...

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