Peter Dragon in 'Action'

From The Forum with No Name:

Peter Dragon, testifying before a congressional panel on violence--

Senator Powell: Mr. Dragon, you have a young daughter, do you not?

Dragon: Let's not go there.

Senator Powell: Her name is Georgia. She's about 10 years old, I believe.

Dragon: Don't do this.

Senator Powell: Has little Georgia seen your film entitled "Ripcord"?

Dragon: She can't get in, Senator, it's rated 'R'.

Senator Powell: --which contains 357 acts of violence, 175 profanities and four scenes of lesbian sex? Is she proud of her daddy for that one? How can you look that sweet little girl in the eye?

Dragon:  I manage. I never voted to subsidize the growing of tobacco while turning my back on programs for starving kids. I've never vetoed a gun control bill--all my guns are fake, Senator. I've never rushed to the defense of Kuwaiti oil fields while ignoring genocide in Africa because the big oil companies that line your fat pockets aren't concerned with Africa. Those are all productions of your company, Senator. This company right here.

Powell: Now you're coming perilously close to being cited for contempt, Mr. Dragon.

Dragon: I'm already in contempt. I'm in contempt of all of you old whores and hypocrites. At least I'm giving the American people what they want.

Powell: And just exactly what is it that you think they want?

Dragon: I'll tell you exactly what they want, Senator. They want chase scenes and car crashes, they want firm breasts and tight-assed Latino men. They want their cowboys to be strong and silent, they want their cops to bend the rules to get the job done, they want the boy to get the girl, they want the alien to be killed--unless he's cute. They want the good guy to win, they want the bad guy to die, hopefully in the biggest explosion the budget will allow but most importantly, Senator, they want to walk into a theater and forget the fucking mess you have left of this nation.

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