Yet even STILL more "Batman Begins!"

From pinoydvd:

diagoro: The use of the high frequency gadget to attract bats was in Batman: Year One.

The whole sequence in Batman: Year One was more riveting. Crazy SWAT commander drops a barrel of napalm on the building Batman was hiding in and he barely escapes.

That said, that was a large-scale action setpiece, a concession to batfans who want to see him do something superhuman. The real climax of the book was his confrontation with Gordon over the kidnapping of Gordon's son.

Gordon was a hell of a lot tougher in the novel, incidentally.

Dan: Remember that it was, after all, Ducard/Ra's Al-Ghul's League of Shadows that is the cause of the economic depression plaguing Gotham. It was the League that was supplying Scarecrow with his Fear powder and it was the League that, in a circular way, killed his parents: The League of Shadows created the Batman when Joe Chill Killed Bruce's Parents.

I didn't much like that part. In Batman: Year One the city was just corrupt and violent, like any major American city; it didn't need some supervillain sitting in the shadows manipulating the economy. And Batman didn't clean up the city; he upset a few people, made a little progress, gained an important ally--that's it. Far, far more realistic than the movie, which, as I've said before, is a half-hearted attempt at doing a Burton pic and a Miller noir.

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