A.O. Scott on Miyazaki

Interesting piece on Miyazaki here

He's wrong on one point--Miyazaki does do a Blade Runner-like animated short, On Your Mark. Which in tone and flavor, of course, is uniquely Miyazaki.

Scott points out Miyazaki's attention to landscape and especially weather, something he shares with Kurosawa who is a master of onscreen climate (I'm thinking of, among many others the heat wave in Drunken Angel, the rainstorm in Seven Samurai, the snowfall in Ikiru, the wind in Yojimbo, the mist in Throne of Blood). Both bend the elements to their will, to comment on and emphasize the emotion, the drama of the moment.

The main point he makes I'd partly agree and disagree with: world's greatest animator (with Takahata around?)? One of the world's best living animators sounds more appropriate. But I do think that he is at heart something of an animist, and that any great animator will be able to bring his array of inanimate objects (flat drawings, or digitally rendered solid shapes) to life.

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