Asheboro Zoo

Just got in from the Asheboro Zoo, lovely place if not as comprehensive with animals as the Washington Zoo, it does have a beautiful layout and plenty of forest to lay it out in and walk in and get lost in (if it weren't so freaking hot!). I just learned from the grizzly exhibit that the male likes to raise its arm up--like it's waving 'hi!' or asking to go to the bathroom--while making an upward humping motion with its hips, tossing out an erection the exact size and shape and length and color of a red marker pen. Yep, the bear had a serious boner, which it was stroking with its formidable claws; one kid cried out "it's saying hi!" to which I muttered "that's not 'hi' it's saying" which drew general laughter from the more intelligent people around.

That gesture kind of reminded me of this dance fad that went with this '80s song, which I simply could not remember till I got to the parking lot...after which I was singing and gesturing it, to the dismay and delight of my fellow travelers, all the way home.

"Just got lucky..."

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