Time Magazine's 100 Best

Schickel and Corliss' Time Top 100 Movies

That overrated fish story over Miyazaki, Takahata, Yabushita, Tezuka, Grimault, Fleischer, Jones, Iwerks, Freleng, Reiniger, Svankmajer, and others? I don't think they've seen a lot of animation.

Pyaasa is there but no Kaagaz ke Phool, no Mother India, no Awaara, or Ritwik Ghatak.

Citizen Kane is there but not Magnificent Ambersons or Chimes of Midnight. Tokyo Story is there but not Late Spring. Persona is there but not Shame.

No Naruse that I can see. No Bunuel save for the Oscar winner--hardly his best work (and City of God over Los Olvidados?! What the fuck were they thinking?).

No Larry Cohen. No Charles Burnett. No Chang Cheh or Liu Chia Liang or Hou Hsiao Hsien or Abbas Kiarostami.

Of course I don't expect them to know anything about Lino Brocka, Mario O'Hara, Mike and Gerry de Leon--hats off if they've even heard of these filmmakers. But the rest--feh.

I like the hubris of that statement: "Ever since TIME began." The magazine of record when it comes to factoids and cosmetic journalism.

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