The Star Wars films recounted

Something I posted on pinoydvd.com:

Klaus Weasley: No matter how much you bash it, you really can't stop Star Wars fanatics from seeing this film. Say, what do you think of the other films of the series, Noel?

No matter how many fanatics watch it, I can't really stop throwing up at the idea of Lucas making a Star Wars film.
Saw Star Wars recently--it's dull in the exposition parts, ineptly acted, badly produced, and concerning the dialogue Harrison Ford once famously put it (what I can remember anyway) that Lucas could write this shit but he sure as hell can't say it. On the plus side, the music makes the  movie, and the editing of the battle sequences is expertly done, so I'd say the true genuises are John Williams and Marcia Lucas. And Kurosawa, whose sense of timing and style of storytelling Lucas appropriates.
Empire--well, we all know this--is the best. Kershner gives the scenes emotional amplitude, the imagery visual flow, and he knows how to improve a script. That scene of Fisher saying goodbye before they freeze Ford, Kershner says it was lifeless until he told Ford: "Harrison, when Carrie says 'I love you,' tell her the first thing that comes to your mind." They play the scene, Fischer says "I love you!" and Ford without thinking said: "I know."
Now that's directing. It makes full use of Solo's character, it shows that he's a braggart even when chips are down but such a charming braggart that you can't take offense at his swagger--that in fact, his swagger is all the more heroic for being so defiant. It's such a simple little thing and it adds so much to the final scene. For Kershner, the human element is always the best special effect, and it shows in his films.
Empire is where production design and special effects reinforced and magnified emotions and drama. It's fantasy filmmaking at its best. Lucas--hah--he tries for it in Sith's last ten or so minutes, but it's too little too late.

The other films--eh. I fart in their general direction.

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