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Which science fiction writer are you?

Dock Miles: I am Samuel Delany

The short stories were interesting--Aye, and Gamorrah..., and the beautifully baroque Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones. Quite a stylist.

Frosti: I am Hal Clement

Hal Clement is wonderful--science fiction at its hardest. He has that rare touch, the sense of wonder you get from a totally different point of view.

jenniferb: I am Alfred Bester, who I've never heard of. Isaac Asimov's the only one I HAVE heard of, in fact

Shit, Alfred Bester is better than Asimov. Bester is tres cool. He was doing cyberpunk before any real cyberpunker was even born (what did they call that drug trip at the end of Stars My Destination? Synthenesia). Still writes better than they do, I think.

People don't like his later novels, but I ate em up just the same: The Computer Connection (band of immortals including Jesus Christ fighting a rogue immortal); Golem 100 (future society where a witch cabal summons a killer demon). Maybe the only one I didn't like was the last one--can't even remember the title.

His short stories are fantastic. Fondly Farenheit is a favorite, tho there are many others.

Asimov had a cool anecdote about him. He was part of a panel at an SF convention I think, and someone threw him the question "how do you handle rejection?"

Bester looked uncomfortable, looked around, then spoke into the mike: "But I've never been rejected."

Asimov wrote that he and everyone else on that panel wanted to kill him on the spot.

Lysana: I came up as Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert--well, Dune has a huge rep, but my favorite has always been God Emperor of Dune. Something about being an all-powerful giant worm always appealed to me. The book was the basis of one episode of Billy and Mandy, by the way.

Spidra Webster: I am James Tiptree

James Tiptree--she used to work for the CIA. Killed herself. Her fiction was brilliant.

As for me, I am: Stanislav Lem (This pessimistic Pole has spent a whole career telling ironic stories of futility and frustration. Yethe is also a master of wordplay so witty that it sparkles even when translated into English.)

Dock Miles: Wow -- the Grail of Literary Sci-Fi (just ask Stanislav!). Way to go.

That's kind of a compliment and and insult (knowing what i know about him) I don't know whether to be pissed or pleased. Like Stanislav, I guess.

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