Watching "Ebolusyon" (Evolution)

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People seem to be only halfway through this film for some reason(heh). I have a director friend who is also somewhere along the 6-hour mark...he's going to finish the rest of it in Hong Kong. Luckily, Lav Diaz is coming. The Q&A session will definitely be interesting - if anyone's left at the end, that is...

I'm on the final four or so hours, I think.

Lav can be a good talker. He provoked the shit out of the most popular festival in the country, the Metro Manila Film Festival, by calling it a 'festival of idiots.'

My problem with that was, he was really quoting ME, and never thought to give credit accordingly. Ah, fame.

He's a nice guy, actually, very approachable...if they aren't
swarming around him by then.

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