L'Age d'or

You can look at the pictures of Miike and Kim Ki-Duk and Noe and Haneke once too many times and feel you can't be shocked anymore, and still Bunuel's L'Age d'or has an impact. Perhaps because of all the films meant to provoke, this one is perhaps the most beautiful, definitely the most erotic.
This isn't pornography; pornography could never be half as powerful. It's shit slung at the big screen, sucked up, then squirted out again ad nauseum, to the disgust and delight of the audience; it's a man abusing himself to the most odious fantasies, his ejaculations arcing gracefully over our heads to our applause. 

The ending--what can I say, except it's an accusation so grand and vicious it takes a former Catholic's breath away. This is the kind of attack Von Trier can only dream of making, only he lacks the talent (audacity he has plenty of, but hell, I know poodles about as audacious...).


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