Spaghetti con L'Uova e Mollico

Took this from a recipe of Mario Batali's:

Heated extra virgin olive oil in a large pan. Added two garlic cloves, sliced into slivers, sauteed them till light gold, then took them out. Added five tablespoons of breadcrumbs (bread cubed and dried in an oven, then crushed in an open plastic bag with a rolling pin), sauteed that for two minutes till brown. Added half a cup of raisins that had been soaking in hot water, and took the sauce off the heat.

Cooked the spaghetti (made from bronze dies, for extra-rough surface) in a large boiling pot with plenty of salt; At a minute short of the pasta's cooking time, drained the pasta, poured it into the sauce, added salt and pepper to taste, and a handful of chopped Italian parsely and chives. Add more fresh-cracked pepper, top with the really good extra-virgin olive oil (I have two varieties, one costing four dollars, the other eleven) Serve immediately.

What makes the 'sauce' (it's so insanely simple I had to put that in quotes) is the breadcrumbs: they add a nice crunch to the pasta, and they hold all the flavors--the garlicky oil, the sweet raisin juice (the raisins hissed the moment they hit the pan, and a cloud of fruitiness rose in the air), the oniony herbs, the pasta starch.

Not bad. Takes fifteen minutes tops--longer if you don't have the bread crumbs handy.

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