More on Notorious

ted fontenot: It's funny how Grant is a thorough bastard in that movie, right up to the end when, transferring the object of his sadism from Bergman to Raines, he triumphantly locks Raines out, leaving him to his dire fate. Yet you never cease to identify with him and pull for him. That's how good he is at making you feel the man's torment coming through the ambivalence.

David Ehrenstein: Hitchcock brought out the dark side of Cary Grant like no one else.

Grant and Rains were tormented; difference is, Grant got Bergman, and Rains got it coming. I felt for both, maybe with a sneaking extra dose of sympathy for Rains (I don't remember who says it in TCM, but he's supposed to have been very handsome in person, all the women had a crush on him).

David: And that voice.

Oh yeah. It was the foundation on which most of The Invisible Man was built on (that and the wonderful special effects).

David: Gloria Stuart said that even though he was invisible Rains kept trying to upstage her. Whale had to admonish him about that.

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