Still even more Hollywoodization of Filipino films

Continued from earlier posts:

av_phile1: Is it Hollywood deliberately killing the local cinemas of Japan, etc?  Or is it  because the better Japanese directors, producers and actros have all migrated to Hollywood?  And have not produced any film competitive enough for world distribution.  Is it the fault of Hollywood that the japanese market prefer hollywood flics?  (I think there are now more blond japanese youths than americans, thanks to those hair dyes,  pinoys not far)

Hollywood never deliberately sets out to do anything except make money.  I don't hold them responsible any more than I hold responsible an animal that goes wild, or a man that goes amok.

But you do shoot said animal or man, for safety reasons.

No, I never heard of a Japanese filmmaker selling out to Hollywood. I was going to say Hollywood has a better track record of using imports in the past, but I remembered that Jean Renoir did his worst films in Hollywood, Sternberg grew heavy handed there, and Fritz Lang, while he did some decent work, never matched M or Metropolis when he worked in Hollywood.  And I prefer Murnau's Faust to his Sunrise, which was far more expensive and more sentimental.

Nowadays there's Milos Forman who did the overproduced Ragtime, the stupid Valmont, the hysterical People vs. Larry Flynt, and the unfunny Man in the Moon.  Worse case of Hollywoodization I ever seen.

It's not a question of what's fair--who cares?--it's a question of what works.

And if the upper classes (and mostly the upper classes) are against the taking out of LOTR, Star Wars, etc. (I've gone to Manuela and the Gotesco cinemas and I can tell you, Star Wars is not big there--good place to watch em if the Glorietta moviehouses are full), they can toss their Starbucks mochaccinos at me  Grin

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