Still yet more Hollywoodization

Quote from: milkeemee2 on Jul 30, 2003 at 11:13 PM Why don't we do the French model.  I think in France, a portion of the price one pays for a movie ticket goes to a fund which subsidizes production companies engaged in churning out art movies.  In doing so, we will create a big art movie market.  That will be a very good starting point.

That's one good suggestion.  

The French actually have a policy of "cultural diversity" "principled on the right of each country to produce and distribute its own images, be it via cinema, television or multimedia, as an expression of its culture. Akin to this is the protection of a country’s language and expressions in all its form. It also recognizes the importance of a framework of independent, well-balanced regulation policies."

Translation: they make sure their French films are seen.  Regulation, in other words.

Don't be too worried about the words "well balanced" in that excerpt, palabok lang yan.  Jack Valenti has been pressuring the French market for years to open up some more, and the French have been pointedly ignoring him.

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