More on Hitchcock and Notorious

From pinoydvd:

wedge: Hitchcock is famous for sexual innuendoes in his films (hence, his name speaks of it hehe  Grin).

Alex's Electra complex is slightly similar to Norman Bates', though the latter exudes a more fatal manifestation of such mental disturbance.

You mean Alicia's (in Notorious) Elektra complex (Alex I suspect has an Oedipus complex with his mother). Yep, Alex is definitely a father figure. Tho she much prefers her fathering from Devlin.

wedge: You think there's an incestuous affair between mother-and-son? Alex's affinity (in my opinion) with his mother is simply like what we call being a `mama's boy'.  Oh. I only suspect it was Alicia and her promiscuity...

No, not incest, but she does smother him with her love (and visible contempt) and she does get under his skin like no one else except Alicia can (that's why she's so jealous of Alicia--because she gets under her son's skin).

Sometimes sex is the least perverse aspect of a relationship. Sometimes repressing sex or the fear of sex is sicker than its opposite--which is what Hitchcock was all about.

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