Women I'd love to take to bed with me

Isabelle Adjani (Eye-gougingly beautiful woman who pines to the point of insanity for a man in The Story of Adele H.)

Irma Adlawan (Luminous in Bagong Bayani (The Last Wish) and heartbreaking as the raped mother raped a second time by the screen adaptation of her life in Tuhog (Larger Than Life); also extremely sexy in person)

Emmanuelle Beart (Naked pagan dance in Manon of the Springs; beautiful and mostly nude in the four-hour La Belle Noiseuse; wickedly funny in 8 Women)

Ingrid Bergman (Beautiful in For Whom the Bell Tolls (John Derek, Bo's husband, rated her the only woman who deserved a '9' after seeing her in that picture); heartbreaking in Casablanca (the film is laughable without her); devastating in Notorious)

Marilyn Chambers (seminal performance in art porno Behind the Green Door; fascinatingly phallic in Rabid)

Marion Davies (possibly the first and one of the finest screwball actesses, particularly captivating in The Patsy)

Jeon Do-yeon (Breathlessly powerful opening sex scene in Happy End; the rest of the film is a memorable drama about a woman forced to choose between her husband and loving child and her lover)

Maria Falconetti (Gives perhaps the single greatest--and most erotic--performance on cinema in The Passion of Joan of Arc (linke to article explaining why it's erotic))

Ariadna Gil (one of the most beautiful faces in Spanish cinema; stood out in the otherwise lackluster Belle Epoque; was maddeningly desirable in Amo Tu Cama Rica)

Ana Marie Gutierrez (gave indelible performances in at least two great Filipino films--Takaw Tukso, an erotic Ingmar Bergman chamber piece set in Manila, and Scorpio Nights, the definitive Filipino statement on sexual nihilism and despair, set during the terminal years of the Marcos era).

Camilla Horn (beautiful as the woman desired by Faust in the first half of Murnau's Faust; even more beautiful as the ravished woman wandering alone in the snow with her dying child, in the latter half of the same film)

Gong Li (Red Sorghum; Raise the Red Lantern; Ju Dou; Farewell to My Concubine. Need I say more?)

Irene Jacob (Delicately erotic in Kieslowski's The Double Life of Veronique; heedlessly passionate in his Trois Couleurs: Rouge)

Jennifer Jones (Song of Bernadette, Duel in the Sun; the combination of holy saint and half-breed spitfire is irresistible)

Machiko Kyo (memorably sensual as the raped wife in Rashomon, and as the traditional wife who is even more desirable than her liberal, Westernized daughter in Kagi)

Ida Lupino (alternately tough, sensual, vulnerable and neurotic in films like On Dangerous Ground, They Drive By Night and High Sierra; and an accomplished filmmaker to boot)

Anna Magnani (funny, sexy, simply great performance in Rome, Open City; memorably theatrical in The Golden Coach)

Lea Massari (Gave me a whole new view of mothers in Murmur of the Heart)

Ruby Moreno (Inexhaustibly sexual in the Japanese-Korean comedy All Under the Moon; funny and touching in the erotic noir thriller Segurista (Dead Sure))

Nargis (One of the most beautiful faces in Indian cinema, who gives one of the greatest performances in Indian cinema in (what else can you call it?) Mother India)

Lena Olin (Passionate, crazed, unforgettable in films like The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Enemies: A Love Story; even in something as flawed as The Ninth Gate she's a sexual powerhouse)

Rena Owen (Strong, unmistakably sexual presence in Once Were Warriors (a great performance too). And, I might add, a wonderfully shameless flirt)

Leni (god help me but my dick has no conscience) Riefenstahl (Beautiful and one of the greatest filmmakers on Earth. Oh, and a Nazi--but nobody's perfect...)

Waheeda Rehman (With Nargis, one of the most beautiful faces in Indian cinema, with wonderful performances in Pyaasa and Kaagaz ke Phool)

Jeong Seon-Kyeong (no-holes-barred performance in To You, From Me; the scene in the toilet is to, uh, die for).

Barbara Stanwyck (In The Lady Eve, in Double Indemnity, uses sex as a weapon; men can only succumb)

Jung Suh (mute, sensual, with a memorable way with fishhooks in Kim Ki Duk's poetic, emetic The Isle)

Sharmila Tagore (impossibly beautiful great-granddaughter of poet Rabindranath Tagore, and a favorite of Satiyajit Ray in films like The World of Apu and Days and Nights in the Forest; even when I met her in New Delhi a few years ago, she was one foxy grandmother...)

Kate Winslet (Wonderful, sensual and warm in films like Heavenly Creatures, Jude, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Oh, and in Titanic, but I try not to hold that against her...)

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