Laurice Guillen

From Pelicula:

leonelescota: laurice Guillen , as a director, showed a lot of promise. To this day, I consider SALOME, KASAL, and KUNG AKO'Y IIWAN MO as masterpieces in their own rights. She had such a stylistic stamp on these movies: frail and feminine way of telling the stories. On KUNG AKO'Y... the character studies were displayed so compellingly that to this day I don't know if the average Filipino moviegoer would get what she was trying to achieve.

  But what happened afterwards? She fell into the trap of faceless melodramas and sitcom-y comedies. Can anyone think of any great work of hers afterwards? It seems like someone snatched the "artistic" Laurice and replaced it with a "bland" one.  

Agree? Disagree?  

 jojo de vera: I honestly think Laurice did a great job in Init Sa Magdamag and directed one  finely crafted komiks based movie Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap but both these films were also made in the 80's. I wasn't impressed with Tanging Yaman but I thought American Adobo was a good enough movie. I had mixed rreactions with Santa-Santita. The first half of the movie was interesting but it fell apart midway through the movie. I thought Jericho Rosales gave one his best performances in this film.  

Agreed on Init sa Magdamag.

I like American Adobo just fine, but not so much that I'd want to see it again. No, I don't like the rest of her recent work, Tanging Yaman included (tho I thought Dolzura Cortez was okay).

There are moments in Adobo and Yaman, though, that show she's still a skillful, even graceful filmmaker; if anything, that skill has grown. 

She can do crap for the rest of her life, but I'll always remember her as the director of Init sa Magdamag (who, possibly, did crap the rest of her life). For me, that one film is good enough to erase the memory of a lot of bad work.

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