The secret of Miyazaki's flying sequences

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Speaking of animated features, I just saw Kiki's Delivery Service. Miyazaki will make you believe a witch on a broom can fly. Really fly.

I felt it was more magical than the overhyped Harry Potter.

Oh yeah, oh sure.

Miyazaki's magic, I think, and I've been thinking about this is that he gives us visual clues not as to the lightness of the flying object (girl, plane, giant tree goblin), but as to its massiveness. They hesitate before turning, they tilt or sway in the wind, all indications that, yes, that huge weight is there, and yes, it's several feet off the ground. When close to the ground, you see a sort of "hover" effect, dust blowing away in all directions from the point directly underneath the object--usually where its shadow lies.

It's the realism of the flying sequences, and not the mere fact that they fly, that sells them to us, that makes them so convincing, so real, and pardoxically, so magical.

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