Idiot sounds out on The Passion of the Christ

  From pinoyexchange, originally posted by pollywog

"About pre-drilled cross. I had the impression na recycled yung cross ni Jesus. Sa dinami-daming pinapako sa cross that time, alangan namang laging bago yung gagamitin? Remember, hindi kasama sa plano na pati si Jesus e kasamang ipapako together with Dimas and Hestas. Di ba nga ayaw ni Pilate na i-crucify sya? Parang biglaan lang yung pagkasali ke Jesus. That's why may butas na yung cross at maluwag na (kaya kinailangan pang itupi yung nails)."

Translated: "About the pre-drilled cross. I had the impression that Jesus' cross was recycled. With so many crosses at the time, why should they always use new ones? Remember, Jesus wasn't intended to be crucified along with Dimas and Hestas. Wasn't Pilate hesitant to crucify him? Crucifying Jesus was a spur of the moment thing. That's why the holes on the cross were so wide, and why they had to bend the nails on the other side."

Afraid I make him sound smarter than he really is. My reply:

This definitely wasn't mentioned in any historical or archeological article on crucifixion I know. Recycling in the time of Jesus? Hanep!

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