Marinara sauce

I usually start with a big stewpot on medium heat--less splatter that way. Pour olive oil in a circular motion, twice, and call that two tablespoons. Toss in onions, chopped, and garlic, crushed and chopped. Toss in about a half-pound of chopped hamburger (the generic "burger" is a mix of odd bits of everything: sirloin, ribeye, you name it; it's actually pretty good stuff, all mixed up) with some mild Italian sausage chopped and mixed in. Sprinkle some salt, and fresh-ground pepper, and saute, stirring occasionally, until browned.

A can of tomato paste--paste has very little sodium, I noticed--and several cans of water (two to four, depending on mood). Tip over a bottle of Chianti; stop when I feel like it. Toss in a bouquet garnish of basil and oregano stems, the thread tying them together hanging over the pot's edge. Add two tablespoons brown sugar--don't know why, it just tastes better that way.

Simmer on medium low, some twenty minutes. Remove the bouquet. Stir in freshly grated parmesan--half a cup, more if I'm feeling industrious. Stir in at least half a cup of fresh-chopped basil and oregano. Add salt and pepper if needed.

About the time I add tomato paste I put a stockpot three-fourths filled with water to boil; the water's usually roiling by the time I toss in the herbs.  I put in salt--lots of it--drop the dried pasta in, cook till recommended time, dump in a colander to drain.

Serve IMMEDIATELY, while pasta is hot. Fork some pasta in a bowl, add sauce, grind some pepper and grate some cheese over it, eat with grape juice (can't do wine anymore).


cutefurrybeast said...

Hi, it's Tonya. If you see a different name pop up here ... don't ask. So,
"Tip over a bottle of Chianti ..." Ever have that with some liver and fava beans? Damn Noel, I love the way you write about food, er, well, more normal food that I would eat. That description of the sauce is absolutely scrumptious and salivary goodness. YUM! (Where are all the groovy pictures?)

noelbotevera said...

Hey Tons, thanks. Cute furry beast, huh? Any hair in unusual places...?