Ultraviolet Kurt Wimmer, 2006)

Ultraviolet (Kurt Wimmer, 2006)

An excerpt:

Kurt Wimmer's "Ultraviolet" (you keep wanting to insert an 'n' in the title) is about as stripped-down, no-nonsense as it gets, which should be impressive--a minimalist aesthetic in a futuristic action flick--only he forgot to include anything worthwhile in the little that's left. 


The eponymous heroine (played by Milla Jovovich) goes through a series of elaborate checkpoints to pick up a package, a curvaceous white briefcase that looks like the next generation Apple laptop on steroids; the real courier turns up, the alarm is raised, and all heck breaks loose--Vi, as she's often called, pulls out blades and automatic weaponry and proceeds to wreak havoc. The damage she inflicts, however, is strangely unbloody, a quick spurt here and there, a bone-cracking blow where no bone is exposed or twisted limb seen (which makes sense, I suppose--the audience this movie is geared for would have trouble trying to enter an "R" rated pic).


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