Syriana (Stephen Gaghan, 2005)

Syriana (Stephen Gaghan, 2005)


Steve Gaghan's "Syriana," based on the memoirs of Robert Baer (a former CIA case officer who worked in the Middle East), is one of a series of serious political thrillers to have come out of Hollywood recently--a response, I believe, to 9/11 and the United States' swing into Republican conservatism (Just think, only a few years back they were giving the Best Picture Oscar to three-hour hobbit movies). More complex than George Clooney's straightforward "Good Night, and Good Luck," more hardhearted than Steven Spielberg's anguished "Munich," more panoramic in scope than Fernando Meirelles' microscopically focused "The Constant Gardener," "Syriana's" most notable effect is the way it immerses you in a little over two hours' worth of Middle Eastern economics, espionage and politics, making you feel like a colony of ants crawling over a vast landscape.


ebpingol said...

Hi noel

read the comment you wrote in my blog. nope, haven't seen Asedillo. i'm not much of an fpj fan, anyway. but yeah, maybe i'll try to watch it (that is, if i can find a copy).

noelbotevera said...

Yeah, heard you weren't, but those I think are worth watching. I snagged a VHS copy of that film, believe it or not.

Will try to convince Grace Poe (she's taken over FPJ productions) to come out with a DVD collection.