Vittorio de Sica's "Two Women"

Was prepared to dislike La Ciociara (Two Women, 1960)--Sophia Loren won an Oscar for her role in this picture, after all--but midway through the picture found myself firmly in its grip, a comic drama about a Roman woman (Loren)and her innocent daughter, forced by the war to go back to her home village to live. By film's end, of course, it was devastating, particularly the last ten or twenty minutes. I don't mean just the assault, that was strong enough, but the aftermath, the American officers that drove around the women, the unspoken subtext of what had happened to the daughter--you understood what was going on, even if no one talks about it, or even mentions it.

This would make an excellent double bill with Mario O'Hara's war drama, Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos (Three Years Without God, 1976) about another woman struggling to survive the war.

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