Saw Shinji Aramaki's Appleseed, and it's gorgeous, so long as it sticks to machinery and armored human bodies in motion; when it shows someone in ordinary dress, or zooms in on a face, either the costume has to be tight-fitting or the human has to be drop-dead gorgeous; any suggestion of loose textiles or less-than-perfect facial features seem beyond their capabilities (I don't even want to talk about the hair, which looks like it was screwed on (the rendering in Final Fantasy is superior, tho the storytelling was even more wooden)). It's telling that the best performance in the picture isn't by any of the 'humans' or 'bioroids' (in effect watered-down versions of humans) but by a metal cyborg, with a red light for a face; when he argues with his fully human girlfriend he has a way of wearily standing up and swinging a bag off a bench that had me feeling for him, totally; they should give him better roles than this total waste of time.

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