Critic After Dark: A Review of Philipppine Cinema

The book is a compilation of my articles, from 1994 to 2004, mainly of Filipino films, with a few pieces on foreign films (the better pieces, I like to think) thrown in, including my articles on The Passion of the Christ.

From the introduction in Big O Magazine:

Segurista was one of the first Filipino films that became a hit in Singapore in recent years prompting further imports of Asian independent films. Filipino film critic Noel Vera in his new book, Critic After Dark: A Review Of Philippine Cinema, tells you why Segurista is not just a dirty sex film. The book will be published in April and available at this year's 18th Singapore International Film Festival.

Here's an excerpt

It will be possible to order the book online, from Big O; I'll post details as they come.


crystalt1605 said...

are you Philipino?

noelbotevera said...

Yes, I am Filipino.