More "Passion"

Since some moron's trying to take me to task for knocking Mel Gibson's snuff flick, here's an article--from mainstream Christian sources, mind you--for his and y'all's edification:

"The Passion of the Christ," Jewish pain and Christian responsibility: a response to Mel Gibson's film

Enjoy. And for those of you susceptible to high blood pressure when reading more progressive material, lighten up; you'll live longer.


pastorsandir said...

Hogwash!!!  I am so TIRED of these scholars and theologians pushing THEIR ideas.

As a pastor myself.... I seek anyway that God reaches out to the kids of our time.  I believe God used Mel Gibson's gifts to do just that.

If we would just stop looking for what we hope to put others down with; if we could just stop trying to say I'm sorry for things we have not done but wish to burden our children with the repentance of; if we would just start doing what we tell our congregations to do: Trust God!!!

I took my youth group to see this film.  They did NOT see antisemetism.  What they saw was what they know to be true: How easily a mob is stirred up.

What was the major response???  "I will never miss church services again!  I never realized until I saw this visual presentation of what might have occurred, just how much Christ suffered and just how much God gave up for me."

I rest my case.  -Massachusetts -home of the Pharasees

noelbotevera said...

Well, bully for you that your kids responded so positively and shame on you for taking kids to this piece of garbage...one of the most painful experience I ever had was listening to the cries of terror and confusion of kids over the extreme violence in this picture. This is child abuse of the worse kind.

Because none of you saw any anti-Semitism in this picture doesn't mean there isn't any; I rest my case with what I have read and written--all available for you to address and attack if you wish (please see the links).

Otherwise, we'll have to agree to disagree with what we believe--you, that God used Gibson as an instrument to spread his word (of what, that Romans and Jews were bloodthirsty scumsuckers?), me, that Gibson was so crosseyed obsessed with sharing his pain with as many people as he can that he chose the writings of some 19th century anti-Semite (you read any of her writings? She asserts that Jews drink the blood of Christian babies. Check it out) and the German poet who supplemented much of her 'visons' with writing of his own.

From where I'm sitting, the 'mob' happens to be the crowd supporting this snuff flick, and they're pretty consistent about howling for blood--real Christian attitude, that is.