congrats to mr. bush!

the oscars award mediocrities. thats why the baby won.

eastwood couldn't even be bothered with finding out how mercy killings are REALLY done, or what the inside of a hospital really looks like.

oh, and congrats to mr bush for his razzie for impersonating a president! no one deserves it more.


tanguayb1 said...

This is my first entry.First time here.I just looked around a bit and ran into this totally moronic entry regarding Christ movies and the writer was called"noelreviews..." or something like that.Is this you and if not can you see me  at all.Well, if you're reading this i have something for you.You mentioned in your ???I don't know what to call it, that if anyone wants to see a Christ movie not to see The Passion. I say if anyone wants to know about Christ they might wanna read the Gospel of John and then view any movie they choose, Then it will all be clear.I don't think someone with limited biblical knowledge should knock anything regarding Christ God or even religion.

noelbotevera said...

Yeah. The gospels do have anti-Jewish elements (the Catholic Church itself admits this), but Gibson's movie exacerbates the anti-Jewish bias beyond what even the gospels contain. Moreover, Gibson didn't base his movie on the gospels, but on the writings of a mystic, substantially added to by a German writer.

Read my articles more closely (see the links on my blog's first page); or better still, check the facts yourself. It's this gullible swallowing of what Gibson and religious morons out there that allows people to accept a piece of odure like The Passion of the Christ as gospel truth.