Defecation in public

Was listening to NPR and there was this writer who, on a book tour, described what she found out about people defecating in public places.

Yeah, you heard me right. The dressing room in GAP. The middle of that circular rack where they hang pants or dresses. The middle of the men's room in a Kroger store.

Sometimes, or so she says, it's some kid who needs to go to the bathroom, and the busy parent has to point the child to some dark corner piled high with shoeboxes, or canned pineapple.

Why do they do it? The writer speculates it might be sometimes a protest, sometimes a cry for attention (not personal; they don't want to get caught, of course), sometimes a need to leave a mark.

One lady was said to have filled the center of a roll of toilet tissue, then put it back on the dispenser. Imagine the practice required to fill a roll of toilet tissue.

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