Pet fish

From the Bizarre Hatred of Random Celebrities Goes to the Movies thread in Drive, We Said:

We got fish--tiny little things, about a quarter inch long, five of 'em, swimming in a little plastic tank holding about a quart of water. Then they became four--found the head of one of them lying at the tank bottom. Then three.

Turns out one of the fish was eating the others. He's the only one left now, and as fat as hell. We call him Hannibal.

The missus is thinking of getting him a companion, says he's lonely. I keep saying "What for? You're just buying him an extra special dinner."

Lionne: Buy Hannibal a BIG friend. He can work off some of that fat by swimming for his life. ;)

Randy Wylde: I'm sure an arawana would make short work of it. My sister decided to give hers to an aquarium once it grew past eating live goldfish as food. She didn't think she could bring herself to drop live mice or chicks in the tank.

The fish in Tsai Ming Liang's What Time is It There? was an arwana, wasn't it? Best performance by a fish I've ever seen--suspenseful and funny.

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