Epics, Part 2

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Not Edward fucking Zwick or Anthony fucking Minghella. Not Peter Jackson, who reveres Tolkien so much he's embalmed him on the big screen to the tune of three hundred million dollars (we're paying something like a billion dollars to see the nine-hour corpse). Those are mere costumed melodramas.


Take O'Hara's script, Hocloban. About a period in Philippine history, Governor-General Bustamante, who defied the Catholic Church, and was killed for it. What if a hocloban, a shapeshifting witch from a pagan sect so powerful that by the mere raising of her hand she can kill someone, on a mission of vengeance for her murdered husband, applied for employment at the Bustamante household, with the intent of killing the governor-general? And what if she instead fell in love with him?


A period epic with a supernatural twist, and all kinds of crisscrossing tensions: horror vs. history, Religion vs. State, native vs. Spanish, pagan vs. Christian, man vs. woman. That's the kind of epic that can get me excited.

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